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"Problem Child" Dominates Lucas Oil Drag Boat Series in Augusta

Darryl Ehrlich Pulls Off a Win Piloting Red Line-equipped Top Fuel Hydro

Words of Team Manager Eddie Knox

As has been the pattern this season, we had a rain filled weekend with qualifying shortened to just one run. We had her pretty hopped up (of course) for Q-1 in an attempt to fire a shot across the bows of our competitors and Madd Maxx had to fight with a couple of pedal jobs to keep the nose down resulting in a 3.73 @ over 254. This thing was angry to say the least, but she sure got their attention with the big MPH.

Sunday's eliminations were exciting with our first two wins @ 3.51 and 3.54. Unfortunately, in the semifinals we broke a prop shaft and sent the parts through the bottom of the boat, causing a whole bunch of carnage. My guys rallied like no others repairing the hull, replacing most of the underwater gear and doing an engine swap to top things off. It looked like we weren't going to make the call for the final with the officials breathing down our necks to hurry up.

Fortunately, the skies unloaded some rain which gave us just enough time to finish and make the call with one minute to spare. With no valve or tune up adjustments we backed her in the water and sent her to the ropes. Thank God for fast drying silicone and resin! The rescue team followed us to the starting and finish lines just in case it didn't hold. Love those guys! The final would prove to be the most exciting in recent times with boats on fire through the lights. To our surprise and elation, Daryl put a whole shot on the other boat and took home the trophy sending us right back to the top of the points list.

I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of my team for what they went through in high temps and extremely high humidity to get the job done with never a thought of quit entering their minds. We may have lost a few pounds, a bucket of blood, a good set of props and a complete engine, but we would do it all over again to take the win and represent our amazing sponsors to the best of our abilities. We are NOT about to give up the championship ring without a fight and the other teams were shaking their heads in awe at the grit and determination our boys showed. The next stop is Marble Falls, TX August 8,9,10 You won't want to miss this one or any others for the remainder of the season because it's going to get even better now that we have our momentum back!