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MT-LV 70W/75W

Meet our newest addition to the GL-4 family!

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MT-LV 70W/75W

  • Recommended for Mercedes 235.10, Dodge/Fiat BOT 350 M, GM BOT 303 mod, Toyota/Scion Manual Transmissions Gear Oil LV, VW/Audi and BOT270A Graziano Transaxle for Aston Martin, Audi & Lamborghini.
  • Offers quicker shifts, a perfect synchronizer coefficient of friction
  • Safe for brass synchros, as it lacks the reactive sulfurs found in most GL-5 oils that cause damage
  • High performance gear protection and longer synchro life
  • Eliminates notchy shifting, even when cold
  • Low fluid friction to improve power transfer
  • Satisfies the gear oil viscosity requirements of 70W & 75W
  • Recommended for GL-1, GL-3 and GL-4 applications as well as where most special synchromesh fluids are specified
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Since most GL-5 gear oils for differentials are too slippery for manual transmissions, Red Line offers these products that ensure proper shifting while providing ultimate wear protection

  • Appropriate coefficient of friction for most manual transmission synchronizers (other's synthetic gear oils are often too slippery for proper synchro engagement)
  • Red Line offers lubricants to pinpoint nearly every transmission application
  • MTL, MT-85 & MT-90 are not for use in differentials with hypoid gears
  • Excellent gear and synchro protection, balanced slipperiness for easier shifting in cold climates
  • Excellent for high- and low-mile transmissions
  • Compatible with petroleums and other synthetics

Typical Properties

API Service Class GL-4
SAE Viscosity Grade (Gear Oil) 70W/75W
Vis @ 100°C, cSt 6.5
Vis @ 40°C, cSt 29.8
Viscosity Index 175
Pour Point, °C -60
Pour Point, °F -76
Brookfield Viscosity @ -40°C, Poise 60

Available Sizes

Quart 50604
Gallon 50605
5 Gallon* 50606
16 Gallons* 50607
55 Gallons* 50608

*Only available from our dealers

RED LINE MT-LV HIGH-PERFORMANCE GEAR OIL is a full-synthetic ester-based lubricant designed for use in manual transmissions and front-wheel-drive transaxles. This shear-stable formula resists breakdown for extended periods and offers more consistent viscosity in warm and cold temperatures for less gear noise and improved shifting. This fluid is less slippery for improved synchronizer coefficient of friction and offers stronger film strength for better wear protection.

Suitable replacement for:

API GL-4 / GL-3 / GL-1
SAE 70W/75W

Castrol BOT 270A - Graziano Transaxle for Aston Martin, Audi and Lamborghini
Castrol BOT 350 M3
Castrol BOT 303 mod
Dodge/Fiat 68092630AA
Ford XT-11-QDC/WSS-M2C200-D2
GM 19259104
GM 19259105
Honda i-Shift MTF-3
Honda i-Shift MTF-III
Hyndai/Kia 00232-19063
MB 235.10
MB 235.73
MB 317
MB 001 989 26 03 10
MB A 001 989 98 03 09
Shell TF 0870
Toyota/Scion Manual Transmission Oil LV / 08885-81001
VW/Audi G 052 512 A2
VW/Audi G 052 527 A2
VW/Audi G 070 726 A2
VW/Audi G 052 515 A2
VW/Audi G 060 726 A2
VW/Audi G 052 171 A1
VW/Audi G 052 171 A2
VW/Audi G 052 798 A2
VW/Audi G 055 725 A2
VW/Audi G 052 726 A2
VW/Audi G 052 178 A2