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Chain Lube with ShockProof

Engineered with ShockProof technology. You know it's going to be good!

Chain Lube with ShockProof

  • Fully synthetic lubricant specially formulated for road and off-road chain driven vehicles, including: O-, X- and Z-ring chains
  • Industry-leading rust and corrosion prevention
  • Resists dirt, sand and grit adhesion
  • Minimal fling-off
  • Reduces wear to extend life of chain and sprocket
  • Protects even in muddy and wet conditions
  • Reduced friction for better power transfer
  • ***This product contains flammable materials and will require Ground transportation services. Please expect a longer ship time than usual.
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Friction promotes wear. R&D testing showed Red Line Chain Lube prevents friction by forming a protective layer on the metal surface. Red Line Chain Lube’s protective layer formed the fastest and lasted the longest. Images of the metal surface after the friction test show more wear (larger scar) for the two competitors tested when compared to Red Line Chain Lube.

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We've applied our legendary ShockProof technology to a unique chain lubricant formula that protects against rust and corrosion, doesn't attract dirt and maybe best of all, it makes cleaning easy!


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