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HART and its leader John Schmitt represent Honda's Marysville, Ohio-factory based effort in sports car racing at the core of this companies foundation--racing at a grassroots level. The team runs in Grand Am endurance racing and other events around the country with top drivers like Schmitt, Shane Lewis, David Roush, and more with wins and poles at tracks like Daytona and VIR. This group of Honda powertrain engineers funds the team on their own and gets help from some of the best companies in the industry, including vehicle and parts support from Honda. Red Line has been a proud supporter of this program for more than a decade and is honored that Honda's own engineers think enough of our products that they have raced exclusively with our motor oils, gear oils, and additives for many years. The team's current Accord races with Red Line's 30WT Race Oil, MT-90 in the transmission, CV-2 grease, and WaterWetter. The HART NSX races with Red Line 30WT Race and Lightweight Shockproof in both its Hewland 6-speed and differential. Look for a new Honda Civic entry from HART in 2009.