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Since the Optima Batteries ChumpCar World Series allows for BMW E36 cars to be run in "completely stock" trim, Red Line partnered with BimmerWorld to present a car that's just that! Weighing just over 2700 pounds and featuring a great assortment of new-old stock components from WORLDPAC, this surprisingly-nice 197,000 mile racer is as clean of a budget racer as you'll find. The engine cleaned up nicely with Red Line 10W40 motor oil and a few bottles of SI-1 and the team uses MTL in the original five-speed box that still shifts great. BimmerWorld's team of Virginia-based mechanics both work on the car as well as drive it with Red Line folks, customers, and celebrities at some of the USA's best circuits. Special thanks to companies like AIM Sports for the help with a Solo lap timer/data acquisition unit, Performance Friction for the help on PFC 08 endurance brake pads, Falken Tires for the Azenis 615 rubber, and many other BimmerWorld suppliers.