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The Red Line-sponsored Problem Child Top Fuel Hydro won the International Hot Boat Association (IHBA) World Finals at Firebird Raceway in Phoenix with a 4.52 at 260.98 mph run backed up by an incredible 264.82 run, setting a new world record in the process.

The runs were fast enough to win the event and make driver Daryl Ehrlich and team owner Eddie Knox happy men following the 2009 NAPA Auto Parts World Finals. The duo has set a series of ET records using Red Line 70WT Racing oil, and they ran over 265 mph during an event in San Diego in September - the fastest ever run by a drag boat - but were not able to effectively back-up the record.
"I came here to set a record," an emotional Knox said following the final round.  "We didn’t get 270, but this is pretty darn sweet. Problem Child continues to set the pace as the world's fastest boat with runs of: 255, 257, 258, 260, 263, 264 and of course the 265.52 run in San Diego. We're not finished goin' FAST!"

The 264.82 mph gave Problem Child a new place in the IHBA record books.  IHBA rules require that a racing team must “back up” any new speed records. To do that, if a drag boat sets a record speed during a competition, it must then come back during a subsequent run and record a speed within one-percent to make the record official.  The 264.82 mph run in the Sunday’s final effectively backed up the 260.98 mph run earlier, giving Problem Child the record.

"We are thrilled to be involved with Eddie, Daryl and the rest of the Problem Child team," said Red Line Oil Director of Sales and Marketing Cameron Evans. "Our 70WT Racing Oil has proven itself for years in record-setting asphalt quarter mile Top Fuel Dragsters, and now its setting records on the water as well. We can't wait for the 2010 season, and we're confident the PC team will break the 270mph barrier."