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Benicia, Calif. (July 30, 2009) - Red Line Synthetic Oil Products proudly announces its new relationship with one of the motorcycle industry's largest wholesale distributors,Tucker Rocky, as well as with its V-Twin parts division, Biker's Choice. Red Line's popular motor oils, gear oils, two-cycle oil, and WaterWetter® additives are now currently available in TR's seven distribution centers nationwide.

Currently in stock for wholesale distribution to motorcycle dealerships around the world are the following Red Line products:
10W40 Motorcycle Oil (PN 42404)
20W50 Motorcycle Oil (PN 42504)
V-Twin Primary Case Oil (PN 42904)
V-Twin Transmission Oil with Shockproof® (PN 42804)
Two-Stroke Racing Oil (PN 40603)
WaterWetter® (PN 80204)
SuperCool® with WaterWetter® (PN 80205)

New products and additional selections will come as the latest Tucker Rocky and Biker's Choice catalogs are released. Red Line's popularity in the V-Twin world is very well established, with enthusiasts selecting Red Line's motor oil, trans oil, and oil for the primary case rather than selecting the same motor oil for three very different applications.

"Hardcore V-Twin fans demand our products, said Cameron Evans, Red Line's Director of Sales and Marketing. "This giant increase in distribution and availability makes it that much easier for shops to stock the products and for the end-users to find it."
"The dirt bike and cruiser markets are very important to us, as well," Evans said. "We are motorcycle enthusiasts ourselves, which makes us even more motivated to have products that solve problems and bring down the cost of riding. For our customers, it's as easy as identifying a local shop that buys through TR and asking them to put Red Line on their shelves."

Tucker Rocky Distributing is headquartered in the Alliance airport area north of Fort Worth, Texas, and operates seven Distribution Centers (DCs) in: Visalia CA, Portland OR, Denver CO, Bolingbrook IL, Jacksonville FL and Jessup PA. These seven DCs provide next day service to almost all of the United States.

Tucker Rocky also exports products to distributors and dealers throughout the world. Biker's Choice also distributes through this system, as one of the world's leading wholesale distributors and marketers of name-brand parts, accessories, and apparel for American motorcycles and the people who ride them.

The wholesale catalogs cover everything from wire and fasteners to fully-loaded "build-your-own" motorcycle kits and the finest leather apparel available. Tucker Rocky operates worldwide serving the needs of powersports retailers and is a wholesale distributor, it does not sell retail.

For more information on the Tucker Rocky dealer nearest you, please use The Tucker Rocky / Biker's Choice Dealer Locator