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Optima® Search for the Ultimate Street Car Event Kicks Off At Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

First USCA-sanctioned event sees a large turnout with of sports cars battling for top honors with the Red Line Audi R8 chasing the action

The first Optima® Search for Ultimate Street Car Event went off without a hitch this weekend at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. The three-day event, organized by the Ultimate Street Car Association, was filled with Pro Touring muscle cars, all-wheel-drive Japanese entries and European exotics out to prove that they had the best car to dominate each demanding discipline.

These street-driven performance cars ran almost 900 combined laps on the Ridetech Autocross and the Wilwood Speed Stop challenge. They also participated in the Detroit Speed road rally and finally drove 1422 total laps on the famous track for the BF Goodrich sponsored road course event. The overall event winners include Mike Maier in his 1966 Mustang, Mark Frazier in his 1971 LS-Powered Datsun and Ricky Kwan in his 2012 Nissan GT-R.

Capturing video of each car lapping Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca was the Red Line Chase Car, a 2014 Audi R8 driven by racing pro Greg Liefooghe, capturing in-car footage and audio commentary for the Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car TV coverage to air on MAV TV. The R8 was provided by the Simraceway Performance Driving Center in Sonoma, Calif.

"Greg did a fantastic job in the Red Line Chase Car and we were impressed with the driving and performance of the entrants,” said Red Line President Cameron Evans. “The R8 was a great car for the event, so big thanks out to Audi and Simraceway for the support. We got some amazing video for the upcoming television episode. The entries worked well with our Chase Car and shared the track without interfering with lap times and momentum.”

The next event takes place at Texas Motor Speedway on March 21-23. For more information on pricing, schedules and rules, visit For technical information on Red Line motor oil, gear oil, ATF, additives and more, visit and use our application guide to find the appropriate product for your vehicle. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to stay updated on the latest RLO news and products.

You can view the unofficial results below courtesy of

Overall Event Winners
Overall winner over 3,000 pound class: Mike Maier '66 Mustang
Overall winner under 3,000 pound class: Mark Frazier '71 Datsun (LS Power)
Overall winner All Wheel drive: Ricky Kwan '12 Nissan GTR

Detroit Speed & Engineering Awards
Fastest 5th Gen Camaro: Danny Popp 2010 Camaro
Fastest American Iron Pre-1980: Mike Maier '66 Mustang

Ridetech Street Challenge Autocross
Over 3,000 pound: 1st Mike Maier '66 Mustang, 2nd Danny Popp 2010 Camaro, 3rd Jake Rozelle '69 Camaro
Under 3,000 pound: 1st Mark Frazeier '71 Datsun, 2nd Ken Suen '2012 Civic SI, 3rd John Lazorak '88 Conquest TSI
All Wheel drive: 1st Brandon Ranvek '06 Mitsubishi EVO RS, 2nd Betim Berisha '11 Porsche 911 Twin Turbo, 3rd Ricky Kwan '12 Nissan GTR

Lingenfelter Performance Design and Engineering Challenge
Over 3,000 pound: 1st James Shipka '67 Camaro, 2nd James Stancel '14 Mercedes, 3rd Bret Voelkel 48-Hour Camaro
Under 3,000 pound: 1st Mark Frazier '71 Datsun 240Z, 2nd Brian Battaglini '70 Camaro, 3rd Ken Suen '12 Civic SI
All Wheel drive: 1st Betim Berisha '11 Porsche 911, 2nd Ricky Kwan '12 Nissan GTR, 3rd Casey Wallace '11 Nissan GTR