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Greg Hancock Race Update: June 2013

Latest Update From the Red Line Sponsored Speedway Racer

"It’s been a busy few weeks of travelling, racing and all of the above. Add some Monster entertainment, media and fan zones then you have quite a cool schedule. The racing results have picked up nicely and now I am back to being one with my bikes and racing. My mechanics have been working hard to clear out all the bugs and getting our equipment to function better all the time.

Two weeks ago was he British Grand Prix in Cardiff and it was a huge boost for my World Championship chase. I finished the heats with 11 points and a place in the semi final. A disaster of a start from the Blue gate #2 in the semi cost me a final spot. The grooves in the start were getting deeper and deeper all night but I had to gamble with one of the deep grooves in order to make the start but that gamble was costly. When the tapes went up and I dropped the clutch, the bike dug down and bottomed out in the groove. That was the end of my night but I still bagged some good points.

This last Saturday, we moved on to Gorzow, Poland for round 6 of the SGP World Championship. With the results picking up, I was ready for a top performance and it started just that way. The track conditions were completely different than they were in practice and that seems to be the way it works in the World Championship this year for some reason. My bike was running strong all night so it was up to me to put it where it needed to be. After the qualifying heats, I finished with 10 points and sailed into the semi final. I had second choice of gates and took the favorable blue gate #2 again. I made a good start and battled for the first lap holding on to 2nd place and a spot in the final. I had last pick of the gates in the final and left with yellow gate #4. I made the best of it by trying to jump the start a little however that didn’t happen.. :)) I finished up 4th on the night with 12 points and moved up to 7th in the overall standings.

My Swedish team Piraterna have been a mission these few weeks. We have had two home wins against VMS Elite Vetlanda and Hammarby from Stockholm. We also had an away win in Västervik and a draw away at Indianerna, Kumla. We are now sitting top of the league table but still a long way to go. #piratepride

For my Polish team Polonia Bydgoszcz, it has been a real uphill battle but we don’t give up hope. We are always in the game up until the last 4 heats of each meeting when we tend to lose valuable points and the possible win. Yesterday brought light at the end of the tunnel with a good home win against last years champions and my former team Unia Tarnow."

Thank you for your support and See You on Top,