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Jimi Day’s Red Line Equipped AMX Podiums At One Lap Of America

AMXess Finishes One Lap of America, Second in Vintage Class

Jimi Day’s LS-Powered “AMXess” has returned from its first One Lap of America with a second place trophy and an extra 3041 miles on the odometer. After 20 different track driving and road rally events in seven days, the AMX has survived the track thrashing without a single DNF.

The journey started in South Bend, IN and traveled to some of America’s most famous road courses and race tracks including VIR, Daytona International Raceway and NOLA Motorsports Park. With two or three track day events each day followed by an average 500 mile transit, The One Lap of America is a true test of the build quality and durability of the car and the skills and mental toughness of the drivers.

Congratulations to Jimi Day and Saroja Raman for completing one of the most challenging road rallies in the world and supporting Red Line Oil with pride. We look forward to seeing the team come back next year! For more information and results from the One Lap of America, visit