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Diesel Fuel Catalyst

Diesel Fuel Catalyst

Superseded by 85 Plus Diesel Fuel Catalyst which has the same chemistry

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Didn't Find Your Vehicle?

Diesel Fuel Catalyst

  • Superseded by 85 PLUS
  • Diesel Fuel Catalyst and 85 Plus are products with the same chemistry

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Available in different levels of concentration, these products provide the detergency, lubrication, and faster combustion for today's diesel fuels

  • All Red Line Diesel additives comply with federal low-sulfur content requirements
  • Rather than creating new products in the diesel category, Red Line reformulates these products often to ensure that they meet the changing demands of the latest diesel fuels
  • Winter formulas use pour-point reducers to keep wax in suspension and reduce wax crystals to pass through filters and injectors

Available Sizes

12oz 70102
Gallon 70105